Gamvis eSports Technology

We are manufacturer of high-quality premium gaming chairs.

Our mission is to provide the best product on the European market in terms of quality and price. Our gaming chairs are produced on the same production line as the world's top brands such as Xrocker, Aerocool, Cougar, Thunderx3..

We aspire to European quality standards, going beyond the low quality standards on the European market.


Why Gamvis?

When designing our gaming chairs, we place the greatest emphasis on quality, reliability, ergonomics and comfort.

What is important is that the key aspects for us are product design and the patent-protected guarantee of their unique design. So when you buy our products, the originality of their design is guaranteed.

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users in every age group.

With our presence on the European market we seek to prove that despite continuous price wars pushing down product quality, there is still great demand for professional premium-class gaming chairs.

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Safe Courier Delivery

We offer safe and registered courier delivery.


You can return the product within 14 days of delivery.


Trouble-free 2-year warranty on all seats.


Security of purchases guaranteed by SSL Certificate.